Mathias V. Schmidt, PhD

It is today undisputed that stress contributes significantly to the development of metabolic and psychiatric disorders. On the other hand, it is still largely unknown how specific genetic variants or environmental factors impact on the vulnerability or resilience of an individual to environmental challenges. Using different stress or transgenic mouse models combined with state-of-the-art readouts, we study the behavioural, neuroendocrine and molecular basis of individual stress vulnerability and resilience.

In GUTMOM, my team at MPG is investigating the interaction of maternal obesity with early life stress exposure, various behavioral and molecular parameters, as well as the role of the gut microbiome and potential dietary intervention strategies.

Please visit our website of The Schmidt Lab for more information.

GUTMOM is a European JPI Consortium aimed at research on mother and child.

We are a collaboration between institutions of Pisa (CNR), Rome (ISS), Nijmegen (Radboudumc), Munich (MPG), Valencia (UV, CSIC) and Helsinki (HY), and the industrial partner Mead Johnson Nutrition Nijmegen.

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