Maria Angela Guzzardi, PhD

I am a researcher at the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the National Research Council (IFC-CNR) in Pisa. My research is focused on the physiopathology of obesity, and on the effects of an early-life exposure to an obesogenic environment on the long-term risk to develop cardiometabolic diseases and neurodegenerative morbidity. Recently, I started exploring the role of the gut microbiota as a potential mediator and modulator of cardiac and cognitive development.

In the GUTMOM project, I am member of the coordinating team, and involved in the collection and analysis of data from the PISAC birth cohort, and in experimental activities aimed at proving the causal role of gut microbiota on cognitive development.

GUTMOM is a European JPI Consortium aimed at research on mother and child.

We are a collaboration between institutions of Pisa (CNR), Rome (ISS), Nijmegen (Radboudumc), Munich (MPG), Valencia (UV, CSIC) and Helsinki (HY), and the industrial partner Mead Johnson Nutrition Nijmegen.

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