Thomas HA Ederveen, PhD

I am a biomedical scientist at the Radboudumc Nijmegen, currently active in the Bacterial Genomics bioinformatics group and Laboratory of Experimental Dermatology. Here, we focus mainly on the analysis of genomes of bacteria, on human and animal microbiota (i.e. microbiome studies) and on bacterial strain tracking.

In GUTMOM I am involved as a data scientist, bioinformatician and microbiota sequencing expert.

Visit my website at ederveen.science

GUTMOM is a European JPI Consortium aimed at research on mother and child.

We are a collaboration between institutions of Pisa (CNR), Rome (ISS), Nijmegen (Radboudumc), Munich (MPG), Valencia (UV, CSIC) and Helsinki (HY), and the industrial partner Mead Johnson Nutrition Nijmegen.

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