Patricia Iozzo, MD, PhD

Senior scientist (Research Director) at IFC-CNR Pisa and Coordinator of the GUTMOM project

Francesca Cirulli, PhD

Senior scientist and group leader at ISS Rome, involved in GUTMOM preclinical models of nutritional intervention

Mathias V. Schmidt, PhD

Research group leader at the MPI of Psychiatry in Munich and involved in GUTMOM preclinical studies

Maria Angela Guzzardi, PhD

Researcher at IFC-CNR Pisa and member of the GUTMOM coordinating team, involved in data collection and analysis

Thomas Ederveen, PhD

Researcher (bioinformatics) at the Radboudumc Nijmegen, involved in GUTMOM data analysis and support

GUTMOM is a European JPI Consortium aimed at research on mother and child.

We are a collaboration between institutions of Pisa (CNR), Rome (ISS), Nijmegen (Radboudumc), Munich (MPG), Valencia (UV, CSIC) and Helsinki (HY), and the industrial partner Mead Johnson Nutrition Nijmegen.

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